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There is no end to the amount of living room furniture styles available. From Art Deco to Shabby Chic to Minimalist, there are plenty of ways to make sure your living room reflects your unique style. What can be harder is figuring out how to arrange your living room furniture.

Your home can quickly go from fab to drab if you block all that natural light from your window or have to fight your way past an overgrown houseplant every time you want to get to the couch. Whether you prefer your walls covered in Grateful Dead posters or framed Monet’s, follow these basic rules to transform your living room into the functional oasis you need.

Furniture Arrangement Rules for Everyone

Have a Focal Point

Situating your furniture around a fireplace, television, artwork, or coffee table creates a sense of community and coziness. Whatever you choose for your focal point, arrange the furniture so that when you or guests sit down, everybody can enjoy the movie or crackling fire.

Three Foot Rule

Always make sure that you have at least three feet of walking space around your living room. Three feet is ideal for not hitting your leg on sharp corners of tables of needing to suck in to get to the kitchen. This rule is also important for opening furniture that has cabinets or drawers. Nothing is more frustrating than repeatedly knocking a drawer against a wall trying to coax a remote out.

Don’t Push Furniture Against the Wall

This is one of those tips that transforms your space more than you think it would. Don’t push your couches and chairs against the wall. Instead, give a few feet between furniture and the wall so that you create cozy alleyways that make your living room feel airier. This also eliminates an awkward overabundance of space in the center of the room.


As you know from school, fluorescent lights are more conducive to staying awake in class than to relaxing when you get home from work. That’s why a variety of soft lamp lighting is ideal for creating a cozy space that makes your time at home feel like, well, time spent at home and not in detention. Put a lamp on every end table to get the relaxed vibe you need.

Rules For Rugs

Most of the time, rugs go in the center of the room. This makes a nice landing pad for cold afternoons and adds an aura of coziness to your living room. Be sure that any furniture placed near the rug has all legs on the rug or all legs off. Two feet on and two feet off can cause couches and end tables to wobble.

Plants are Good, But Be Sure to Trim

Having some delicate greenery around does a lot for the overall vibe of your living room. Placing plants near windows keeps them healthy and time freshens your space at the same time. Make sure to trim them if they are prone to overgrowing (ahem, ivy). You don’t want to come home and feel like you’re being pushed out by an ambitious succulent.

Questions? Talk to the Living Room Furniture Experts

Be sure to check out another one of our blog posts for even more tips about furniture arrangement. If you need any more help designing your perfect layout, the professionals at Home Comfort are happy to assist you. Contact us today to get started on making a living room you love.

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