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Back pain is frustrating — and sleepless nights as a result of back pain? Even more frustrating. At Home Comfort, we want to help you do something about it, and we know just where you should start.

Customers often visit our store in search of a bed that will maximize comfort, especially those who have back pain and trouble sleeping. When you’re trying to find out which beds are good for bad backs, you’re really asking which mattress is best for sleeping posture and position.

Beds for Back Pain at Home Comfort

There’s no such thing as a “perfect” mattress — only the perfect mattress for you and your needs. The best mattress and beds for your back will promote good sleeping posture, relax your muscles, and allow you to feel more restful throughout the night and the following day.

Studies have shown that medium-firm mattresses are kinder to those who suffer from back pain, as opposed to very firm or very soft mattresses. This means the mattress you are looking for likely falls in the middle of the softness spectrum — not too stiff, not too fluffy, but just right.

Home Comfort carries some of the most recognizable names in the furniture and mattress business. When you’re shopping mattresses designed by people who know comfort, chances are you’ll stumble across your perfect fit.

Some of our most-loved mattress offerings include:

You deserve to sleep through the night and wake up pain-free, and the right mattress can help you achieve that. If your mattress is worn out, lumpy, or just too soft or too firm, it’s time to test new mattresses and find the replacement that makes bedtime a dream.
The best way to find out which mattress gives you the best night’s sleep is to test them out and feel what is most comfortable for you. Visit Home Comfort in Raleigh or Cary, North Carolina, to browse our selection and get one step closer to a more well-rested future.

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