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The living room is called the living room for a reason: it’s the room that feels most lived-in, and the room that is most often bustling with family and friends (okay, besides the kitchen). There’s one piece of furniture that can make or break a living room: the couch.

No matter how many people are usually in your living room, there’s a couch at Home Comfort that will serve your needs perfectly. Check out our 5 suggestions below of some of our different couches for different types of families.

Put Life in Your Living Room With Home Comfort Couches


The Big, Happy Family

Your living room is always loud, and someone is always fighting over the remote. Visitors are frequent, and you’ve been known to create makeshift seats on the floor out of pillows when your couch is feeling a little too cramped.

You need: a huge sectional, like the Home Design Blaze. At least this way you’ll only be breaking up fights over the remote and not couch space, too.


The Young Couple

You just bought your first home, and you need your first great piece of furniture. You don’t have a ton of space in your starter home, but you want enough seating to entertain guests (especially at your housewarming).

You need: An affordable, stylish sofa, like the Benchcraft Alenya.


The Pet Lovers

You tried the whole “not letting your dog on the couch thing,” but it just didn’t feel right. You need your best friend next to you while you watch your favorite flicks. He likes to watch, too!

You need: a leather sofa, in a dark or neutral color, like the Ashland Leather — easy to clean and less odor-absorbing.


The Hosts With The Most:

You have a lot of friends and family! And you find yourself playing hostess more often than not. Sometimes you get a week’s notice, sometimes visitors just show up at your doorstep — but they all need a place to crash.

You need: A sleeper sofa, like the Broyhill Zachary. Now you won’t even have to spend time blowing up the air mattress.

Shop for your perfect living room couch at Home Comfort in Cary and Raleigh, North Carolina, today.

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