Spring flowers

The conclusion of the holiday season can be a bit jarring. No more celebrations? Back to the daily grind? But there is a bright side: spring is coming. Why not take this opportunity to do a little spring decorating around your home?

Read below for ideas from Home Comfort on how to brighten up your home, and how the lightness of spring can fit into your existing decor.

Spring Decorating: Change Up Your Space

You probably have some go-to decorations for the holidays, but aside from that, how often do you change up your decor?

Adding some seasonal touches around your home can be a great way to make positive additions to your interior space, and for spring decorating, livening things up may be the best way to start.


Take Inspiration From Nature

Or just actually use natural items that catch your eye. Gather shells or pebbles and fill a glass bowl, or pick the prettiest flowers from your garden and make a natural arrangement.

Lighter colors work well for spring, but try to decorate according to your personal taste — you’re the one who will be living with it all season long.


Repurpose Your Furniture

This is a bigger project, and it’s one for those who have the DIY mindset. If you have old furniture you wouldn’t mind getting rid of, don’t. Now’s the time to paint it a brighter color. Don’t worry, you can always go back to a darker finish in the colder seasons if you choose.

If you’re not much for crafts, you could always try replacing your old furniture with something a little newer.


Change the Linens

Much like a wardrobe, bedding can be seasonal, too. Even if you just change the sheets, swapping from a heavy flannel sheet to cooler, silky cottons can make your home feel a little more seasonal and ready for spring.


Set the Table

Setting the table year-round is a great way to indicate season changes and incorporate new decor. Swap the holiday plates for your favorite white dishes, add a natural centerpiece to the table, and choose natural, light placemats and napkins.  

Want to talk decor and learn more about changes you can make around your home? Visit Home Comfort Furniture in Cary or Raleigh, North Carolina, to meet our team and look around our stores for inspiration.

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