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Tips to Make a Great First Impression on Guests

Whether you are hoping to sell your home, hosting the family for the holidays, or just having new guests over for the first time, we all enjoy making our home look it’s best to make a good first impression.

From paint color to accent pillows, there are plenty of decorating opportunities to make your home both comfortable and sophisticated. A good-looking home is as much for guests as it is for you at the end of a long day, so be sure to consider your own style preferences as you decorate and choose furniture.

Continue reading below for 5 tips to create a favorable first impression among visitors, your family, and most importantly, yourself.

First Impressions Are Everything: Decorating Your Home

Pay Attention to the Front Door

It’s probably the first thing your guests will notice, and definitely the first part of your home guests will walk through. If you are redecorating or aiming to sell your home, consider the paint choice for your front door. Does it fit in with the other homes in your neighborhood? Does it bring the rest of the home together? Most importantly, is your door clean and free of debris, dirt, and cobwebs?

Repainting your door can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your home’s exterior. But if painting is a bit of an undertaking (and maybe a future project), try a little decoration on the door to create a positive first impression. Seasonal wreaths, doormats, and unique knockers are all simple ways to spruce up your front door.

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Turn on the Lights

If you are expecting guests in the evening, you’ll likely leave the front door or front porch light on to welcome them. The effect of lighting doesn’t have to end there when you are entertaining first-time guests. Having a well-lit entrance will make your visitors feel more comfortable and invited, while giving your home a pleasant glow.

Remember: adding light doesn’t have to necessarily mean giving your entryway a hospital-room brightness. A soft glow can go a long way. If it fits your personal style, consider hanging lights, lamps, or a statement lighting piece.

Scrub and Scour

Tidying up before friends come over is pretty standard, but if you are showing your home with hopes to sell, or wanting to impress special guests, you may want to go for a deep clean. This means more than just organizing clutter (or shoving everything into drawers and closets).

Dust and open blinds and curtains, wipe away smudges from walls, clean out your refrigerator and microwave. Sweep, vacuum, and mop. The works! Not only will your guests notice right away, you’ll feel better and more confident knowing your home shines and sparkles like it’s brand new.

Liven Things Up

Literally — add some living things around your home. Fresh flowers and indoor plants can do wonders for a room (and your whole home). Consider adding a large potted plant near your entrance to boost your chances of a great first impression.

Don’t stop there, though. Fresh flowers on your dining room table, living room coffee table, or in hallways can give your home a lively feeling and add an exciting burst of color. Not much of a green thumb? Check out this list of house plants that are almost impossible to kill.

Serve Up Something Special

Better yet — serve it on something special. Have a unique, sophisticated set of plate wear and glasses that you use for holidays and entertaining. Even if you are only hosting a few people, having matching dishes and cups can make a huge difference during a meal or happy hour.

If you are hosting a dinner party, buy a matching set of glasses, some unique serving platters, and a great set of cutlery. The coordination will not go unnoticed by guests, old and new. This is a super simple way to create a lasting impression with first-time guests.

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